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NOTE: Stock and Options trading has large potential losses. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the stock and options markets. Any and all information on this website is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered tax, legal or investment advice. All trades in this education have been completed using a trading simulator. We only trade stocks using a paper trading account for entertainment and not a real money account. A reference to a stock or commodity is not an indication to buy or sell any securities.

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REVEALED: This is a Stock Trading System A Small-Town Contractor Discovered (By Accident Paper Trading), That Now has Earned him Experience as a “NOVICE” Day Trader During The Winter Off Season!"

“Here’s your chance to watch over my shoulder as I break down my lower-risk ‘Paper Trading System’ into easy, bite-sized, step-by-step “NEWBIE” friendly videos that you can access instantly to LEARN how to trade in the Stock Market!”

Dear trading enthusiast,

I know you’ve heard it all before…

… How ordinary people from all walks of life just happen to stumble upon some “magical trading software” or “secret system” that makes them $10,000 a day only trading a few minutes each morning.

Maybe you’ve seen some of those YouTube experts who claim to show you how easy it is if you just copy their trades every day and WAH-LAH!…

Or how about the “private trading rooms” that promise a copy-cat way to get rich quick just following the trading “GURU”…

Heck, maybe you’ve tried a few of their strategies too….

I know I certainly did. 

How did that work out for you?

If you’re anything like me…

… You probably lost your shirt!

But I’m here to tell you…  It doesn't have to be that way... Learn how with paper trading...


I’m ready to show you exactly how I’ve been paper trading stock for past couple years and found The SAFEST and MOST PREDICTABLE Way!

You see, for years I used to read all the blogs and watch all their videos too.  They’re super impressive I’ll admit.

And like you, I was mesmerized by them too…

Just the thought that I could “Get Rich Quick” just trading penny stock or futures, for me, was the definition of the American Dream!

But facts are facts… AND we both know that even though millions of dollars ARE made every day in the market by people just like you and me…

Millions are also LOST in that same stock market everyday by people who just jump in blind and think they’ll figure everything out as they go.

Now I don’t know about you… but I’m not a millionaire. 

And I certainly don’t have a few extra “GRAND” under my mattress to just roll the dice on stock trading.

On the contrary, I work way too hard for my money and I can’t afford to lose it to the Wall Street Big Shots (and trust me when I tell you… they’re out there and ready to take your hard-earned money as fast as you’re willing to risk it).

I knew I needed to be smarter than that and stay cautious. 

I couldn’t afford to lose money just for the sake of “learning” how to trade, so i just paper traded. 

“After Years of Trial and Error, I Finally Stumbled Upon What I Call ‘My Trading Strategy’ That Helps Me Reduce My Risk and Increase My Probability of Winning Trades”

Meet Your Instructor

Full Time Roofer... Part-Time Day Trader


Let me take a minute to introduce myself…

My name is Dave and I paper trade stocks almost daily.

But I’m not what most would consider a full-time trader.

On the contrary, I’m an entrepreneur and business owner.  I run a full time roofing business in my home state of Maine.

But the problem with roofing in the Northeast… it has its long, slow season.  The snowy winter!

So that meant I had to find a way to support my family and continue to make a good living during those dreaded winter months too.

So, I turned to stock trading… and it’s been the best decision I ever made and lot's of fun.

Now, when I’m not out shingling roofs, I sit at my home computer and trade stocks. BUT not just any stocks! I do things way differently than most traders (keep reading to see what I mean).


And I stick to the one strategy I’ve perfected – what I refer to as my “simple five-step process” for finding and trading stocks like Amazon, Apple, Tesla and Facebook.

I trade these stocks without having a large trading account either, mostly just simulated trading.

It’s a simple and ingenious system I’ve practiced so many times that raises my chances for profitable gains while lowering my risk for each trade.

And the best part… I’m going to show you how you can use these same techniques yourself!

You see… trading stocks from your home computer is pretty easy and low risk when you follow a plan and keep your emotions out of the game.

I used to think the stock market was rigged until I discovered my proven process.

In simplest terms, here’s the basics of what my “simple five step trading process” looks like…


1. First, I analyze the overall market condition (and I show you how to do this with laser precision and insight in video #2).

2. Next, I find a stock that has momentum and liquidity (there’s a few key indicators that I reveal in video #4 that no one talks about that will have you perfecting this step).

3. Then, I look back at the history of the stock selected for support and resistance lines (two key indicators of profit and loss we analyze in video #6 that are imperative to your success as a trader).

4. Fourth, I determine which way the direction of the stock is going (either up or down) and how to capitalize on its movement either way (video #8).

5. Finally, I plan my entry and exit which is my profit target then set my stop loss (this is why so many home traders fail big time and I show you exactly how to minimize your risk while maximizing potential gains).

Learn To Trade From Your Home Computer Like A Wall Street Pro!


SAVE $200 - ONLY $97

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When you break it all down, it really is a simple strategy when you implement things right and follow a plan.

BUT do things wrong and you could lose a lot of money. And that’s what I want teach you, and help you avoid in my educational training videos.

Look at these facts…

85% of all traders fail at making any money in the stock market.

Even worse, most of them lose all the money they try to invest.

But the good news is that the other 15% of traders that go through the right training programs and learn how to actually trade stocks the “RIGHT” way hopefully make money… and many times people can make A LOT OF MONEY!

So, if you’re somebody who wants to work from your home computer and be a successful stock trader…

...I truly believe my training course is your best chance to learn about trading & learn about limiting your risk.

SAVE $200 - Just $97


“Here’s Your Chance to Tap Into My Most Effective and Little-Known Stock Trading to Help You learn to Master the Skill of Online Trading and Save You a Lot Of Time, and Frustration in the Process!”


This is a digital product.  No physical product will be provided.
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Invest Today Just $97

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Can You Imagine How You'll Feel When You Can Finally Trade Stock From Your Home Computer With Confidence?

Trading the Gap explains stock trading in a way you’ve never seen or heard before!

You’ll suddenly feel empowered to trade online.

With the help of dozens of proven stock trading tips and secrets this course presents, you’ll finally unleash the confidence you need to tap into the world of stocks and options trading!

This in-depth stock trading course is packed with all the tools and training you need to quickly understand stock trading like the experts.

You’ll even watch over my shoulder as I paper trade and show you exactly how to pick your stocks, enter and exit your trades, and track your results with confidence.

Here’s how my training platform works:

First, we start with 19 PREMIUM TRAINING VIDEOS all neatly organized inside your private back office member's area


Each video breaks down a key strategy in my simple profit strategy so even a newbie who’s never learned anything about stock trading before will now have the confidence to trade, but please use a paper trading account when you start so you don't lose any money.

Each video is just another step toward building your very own “ultimate profit trading system”

NOTE: This information has never been released in any other training course before. It’s my secret sauce and this is the first time I’ve ever shared it with anyone.

Next, we dive into “LIVE” over the shoulder trading as you watch me trade live on the trading platform in my paper trading account.  Students have told me this is by far the most valuable part of my entire program.

Watch, listen, and learn as I explain in detail how, why, and when I make my moves in the market.  Whether it’s an options trade or a penny stock, you’ll grab invaluable insight into my mental state as well as the actual trade and gain real-world clarity like never before.

Learn To Trade From Your Home Computer Like A Wall Street Pro!


SAVE $200 - ONLY $97

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Let's Take A Look At Your Training Course

Each of these lessons are designed to build you up from a newbie and help you learn.  As you watch each of these educational videos your confidence and clarity will skyrocket.  You’ll start to understand how the market works and how to use each and every tool you need and hopefully help you to be successful.

You’ll start to answers some of the trickiest questions we all ask ourselves when trading like…

  • Am I too early in the trade?
  • Am I overly convicted in the trade?
  • Is it time to get out or hold?

Here’s a quick breakdown of each video training module:



Brokers, trading platforms, and chart configurations

In this first set of videos I will show you who I use for a broker and where you can download the same trading platform to set up your simulated trading account (which you can turn into your live account). I will do a quick walk-through and show you the basics of this powerful trading platform.



Trading platform overview and configuration

In this video I show you an overview of how I set up my trading platform and I also go over different Indicators in studies that are available using multiple time frames. I also discuss chart settings and go over the different candles and other configurations and how to set up your charts.



Chart settings, trendlines, and adding studies

In this video I go over how to draw trendlines and add very specific indicators that help you understand where the trend direction heading. Plus, I go over how to add moving averages to your charts and how to color code charts and for specific time periods.



Setting up moving averages on your charts

In this video I go over how & why I add additional studies and strategies to my charts. I also install MACD and the MACD histogram crossovers which I add to my charts to help me easily identify crossover points which typically result in price movement.



Setting up the MACD on your charts

In this video I explain why I use the MACD and I talked about the power of momentum and how this indicator helps me locate opportunities. The moving average conversion divergence help show me where there is strength, momentum and direction of price.



Candlesticks overview

In this video I provide an overview of the different candlestick patterns that appear on charts. I also talked about the basics of the candles and some of the bearish and bullish patterns that I use every day. Learning candlestick patterns is considered to be the one of the most important parts of your technical analysis.



Learning and understanding technical analysis

In this video I go over technical analysis, how to use technical indicators resources, and how they help me get the full picture before I enter a trade. I also go through and show you how I add price levels of previous points were the stock has bounced off resistance or support.



Overview of patterns on your charts

In this video I go through the different patterns that develop and show you how I’m able to see these patterns on the charts, see potential opportunities, and predict price movement. Plus, I draw these patterns on the charts with drawing tools, so I can easily identify these patterns and take action.



Setting up your VWAP or volume weighted average price

In this video I go through how I use VWAP or volume weighted average price on my charts to help me buy and sell stocks above or below the VWAP. This study is one that has been called a benchmark, because it shows trend and value of the security.



How to buy and sell stocks using TOS broker platform

In this video I go through the TOS broker platform and show you how I make trades using this powerful system. I’ll also show you how to edit buttons, and open tools for making trades. You’ll see where to find news and look at level 2 with time and sales.



How to buy and sell options using TOS broker platform

In this video I go over how I buy and sell options using the TOS broker platform. I also will go through the option chain and talk about how many days of expiration will work for me. Then I go over Calls or a Puts and discuss why I’m going to choose to take this trade.



Using trend lines and Fibonacci replacements

In this video I go over trendlines and Fibonacci retracement lines and how I use these for my tactical analysis. Plus, I go over channels and how I trade stocks inside a channel. Finally, I go over the key points and areas that I use to draw forming patterns, pricelines, and trendlines.



Support and resistances

In this video I go over support and resistance lines and how I draw these lines where the stock has been in the past. Then, during my technical analysis, I show you how I look to the left to find out where the stock has been over the years, and I go through different time frames before I make a trade.



How to use a Level 2 and time and sales

In this video I go over level two and discuss the Ask and the Bid and how I use this to study the order flow before I take a trade. The time and sales tell me what size blocks of trades are processing at that moment, and it helps me see where the stock is going to be In the next few seconds.



How to find the “hot stocks” to trade

In this video I will show you how I find hot stocks to trade, and then break down the stock to find out if I want to enter a trade. I’ll show you where you can find a free stock scanner and look at the news and confirm why a stock may be gapping to understand what the catalyst is that’s moving the stock.



Using futures and market charts during trading

In this video I show you how I use the futures and market charts during a trading session and understand the concept of inverse ETF's with the market. We look at stocks and then compare them to the futures to see how I use these to get a preview of where the stock is going to move.



Exchange Traded Fund - how to find Inverse EFTs to trade

In this video I show you how to find ETF’s and how I trade these opposite of the market. The ETFs that I trade are some of the largest and they can be Energy, Oil, Precious Metals. I also show how I use stock charts side-by-side to see the stocks trending in opposite directions.



Pre-market watchlist how to find penny stocks for the day

In this video I go through my pre-market methods for setting up my morning watchlist, and I do this every day to look for the gainers, and to find stocks that are moving pre-market. During this time, I go through and show you how I search for penny stocks which have low float and can potentially make some big moves.



Final research ideas and help resources

In this video I show you where you can do some additional research inside the TOS platform and search for stocks, ETF’s directly from the system. I also show you some additional helpful resources that you can use to continue your education. Remember that continued education is your best investment.

This is a digital product.  No physical product will be provided.
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Next, You’ll Dive Into 8 Pre-Recorded “LIVE” Trading Sessions Where You’ll Look Over My Shoulder and Watch as I Trade Live on the Platform in Simulation Mode


Live Trading Video #1 - Pre-market highs and pre-market lows

Live Trading Video #2 - Pre-market highs and pre-market low with gap and go

Live Trading Video #3 - Pre-market highs and pre-market lows reversal - finding the top for shorting

Live Trading Video #4 - Pre-market highs and pre-market lows using reversals

Live Trading Video #5 - Pre-market highs and pre-market Lows wave and go

Live Trading Video #6 - Pre-market highs and pre-market lows using options day trading

Live Trading Video #7 - Pre-market highs and pre-market lows shorting stocks

Live Trading Video #8 - Pre-market highs and pre-market lows shorting stocks continuation pattern

Learn To Trade From Your Home Computer Like A Wall Street Pro!


SAVE $200 - ONLY $97

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“This Is Your Opportunity to Learn How to Trade Like the Wall Street Pros”

My course will walk you through everything from A to Z. 

We start with opening up your brokerage account and learning the best patterns and techniques that the Wall Street pros use every day and work ourselves all the way up to deep analysis and trends to lower your risk and increase your rewards.

Once you have gone completely through this course and studied these materials you’ll have a huge advantage over the regular retail traders that have no education and are just losing money every day.

I have included everything in HD video format, so you can watch and learn, and then implement and practice these powerful strategies in real time with your paper trading account.

EXCLUSIVE - Keep Your Fingers on the Pulse of the Stock Market with Our “Weekly Gap Reports”


This is a digital product.  No physical product will be provided.
Image is for representation only.

Our educational Sunday Gap Report will be sent to you every Sunday morning.

Each Sunday I go over the top gainers and major news happening in the stock market.

We uncover why certain stocks are gapping to fully understand the price movement.

We also have a Weekly Gap Report sent out to members only that will show some of the mid-week top gainers and look at which direction the market is going.

Plus, I look over more trade ideas from my personal watch list of stocks I am currently going to trade in my paper trading account.

You don’t want to miss it!


Get "INSIDER" Tips On Trading Options and Discover Why It Can Generate HUGE Returns

Here's How options trading works in comparison to traditional stock trading...

When you trade on the options market, you’re getting huge % returns for a much smaller capital investment.

Let’s say you want to trade Amazon stock because you felt it was going to make a big move up on the market. (something I show you how to spot and analyze in video #13).

So, on the traditional stock market, you’d purchase 100 shares of Amazon stock.  Let’s say each share is trading at $1,790.  So, 100 shares would cost you $179,000.

Not let’s assume the stock goes up $15.00 a share.  Since you invested $179,000 in Amazon Stock and purchased 100 shares, you would have made $1500 on that trade. (100 x $15 = $1500).

That’s great profit on that trade.

Now let’s look at this same scenario but if you were trading options instead….

An option gives you the “right” to trade that stock but not the “obligation”.

Let’s say you can buy an option to buy shares of Amazon for $.65 cents each. Each option contract equals 100 shares of stock, so 10 contracts would control 1000 shares of Amazon.

The cost to purchase these options?

$650.  YES! You read that correctly.  Just $650 gives you full buying rights to purchase 1000 shares of Amazon stock that would normally cost you $179,000 for those same 1000 shares the traditional way ($.65 x 100 shares = $650).

Pretty amazing right?

Now sticking to the same scenario, let’s assume after you purchase your 100 options of Amazon Stock (1000 shares) the stock goes up in price by $15.00 and the option goes up to $1.85.

Your profit on this option would be $1.20.  And since you own 1000 shares of this stock option, your entire profit on this trade would be $1200.

You invested $650 in the trade and earned $1200.


In trading the traditional market, you would have needed to risk $179,000 to make that kind of trade with Amazon Stock.  But with Options Trading, you only need to risk $650 for almost the same profit.

Are you getting excited?  Do you see why Options Trading can be such a low risk, high reward trading system.  We go over options trading education in depth in my Trading the Gap Stock Training Program.

You’ll Discover More About Options and How to LEVERAGE Your Money in the Stock Market to Maximize Your Gains and Minimize Your Risk!

Okay Dave… I’ve Heard Enough! How Much Does the “Trading the Gap” Stock Market Training Course Cost and How Do I Get Started?

Lifetime access to my trading course is a ONE-TIME investment of ONLY $397


Now let’s have a quick recap and take a look at everything you’ll receive when you invest in your education with the Trading the Gap course today, and the extreme value you’ll receive.


  • 19 Training Videos – Each video walks you step by step from setting up your trading account to high level understanding of what stocks to pick and how traders make a significant profit day trading from there home computers. ($997 Value)


  • 8 Live “Pre-Recorded” Trading Sessions – This is where you’ll really get in-depth training as you watch me trade live on the market.  You’ll gain invaluable insight into stock trading and learn how to avoid the pitfalls that cause most traders to fail and lose money trading. ($497 Value)


  • Weekly Gap Report – This is the one asset you don’t want to trade without.  Stay on top of the market trends and get expert insights into what stocks are hot and what stocks are flops.  Each week we analyze where the market is currently at and where it’s trending. (PRICELESS Value)

When You Invest Today You’ll Also Receive These High-Value Bonuses at No Additional Charge


Trading the Gap Online, Interactive Trading Journal

trading journal

This is a digital product.  No physical product will be provided.
Image is for representation only.

It’s very important to have a journal with all your trade history.  It’s the best learning tool you can have in your toolbox. But keeping a journal in a notebook can be very unorganized and a real pain in the butt. 

So, as a special bonus, I’ve custom designed an interactive trading journal just for you that you can access anytime to log your daily trades and monitor your wins and losses with precision and accuracy.

I’ve also created an in-depth training video that goes over everything you need to know about using your online trading journal and getting the most value from it.  (A $497 Value)


Free Course Updates for Life


(A $297 Value – Yours FREE!)

My course is constantly updated with new video content and trading resources that will make you a better, more informed trader. Best of all, you get these updates free of any additional charges for life.

My “No Questions Asked” 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I’ve poured my heart and soul into this training course.  I’ve spent years failing but never gave up.  Now I finally learned the secrets to winning at day trading and I want to share those techniques with you.

My online training course will save you some frustration.  You’ll gain the knowledge you need to feel confident as a stock trader in the least amount of time possible while paper trading.

But if for any reason you feel you haven’t received everything I’ve promised to you in this training, or you don’t see the tremendous value I’ve promised from my training course, I insist that you simply email us for a complete refund of your purchase price.




This is a digital product.  No physical product will be provided.
Image is for representation only.


Invest Today Just $97

All of our courses come with a no questions asked

60 Day Money Back Guarantee